Endowment Named Funds

The following funds were established by donors for a particular purpose – to support faculty professional development, scholarships and financial aid, speaker series, libraries, or other programming consistent with Sewickley Academy’s mission.

As of 2005, Sewickley Academy developed a policy requiring that all named funds to the endowment must be established with a minimum threshold of $50,000. The following list represents both endowed named funds prior to 2005, and new funds fully established since the adoption of the policy:

Name of Fund Value as of June 30, 2014
Barker D. Wardrop Memorial Scholarship $82,011.68
Richard A. Clark Memorial $2,824.65
Heinz Scholarship Fund $110,130.05
Elizabeth Drummond Hull Fund $7,842.64
Thoms Shields Robinson Memorial Scholarship $165,008.34
Mary Clause Heard Memorial Scholarship $187,911.63
MS and FB Nimick Library Fund $9,234.94
ME and WP Snyder Fund $96,605.26
John Scott Wendt Jr. Memorial Fund $48,121.83
William Penn Snyder Jr. Memorial Scholarship $378,680.51
General / Board Designated $7,853,728.80
James A. Cavalier Scholarship Fund $30,557.14
Lucy K. Schoonmaker General Fund $193,155.60
Don Rose III Memorial Scholarship $60,168.06
Douglas Bermingham Scholarship $25,832.74
Salary Enrichment Fund $2,287,923.41
James Porter Edson Memorial Scholarship $17,361.89
Senior School Class Fund $312,769.32
Leading The Way Capital Campaign Phase II $5,477,698.59
Edward E. Ford Foundation $308,280.08
Boyd-Edson Memorial $10,504.49
Gillespie-Engstrom Library Fund $28,853.07
Patricia Schoetz Music Fund $23,587.87
Milton M. Fenner IV Memorial $10,280.66
Neal Mitchell Fund $52,153.64
Taylor Science Prize $2,553.30
Lawson Family Scholarship Fund $53,927.86
Charles T. Koval Scholarship Fund $161,901.36
Stanwood Partenheimer Memorial Scholarship $13,512.36
Galbraith Fund $7,975.43
E. Thorne McKallip Scholarship Fund $682,480.10
Eliizabeth Bishop Martin Fund $19,242.21
Deborah Thaw Valera Scholarship $20,032.61
Harry E. Klos Memorial $208,986.58
Tuck McClintock Community Service Award $14,032.93
Arthur L. Coburn Memorial Student Support Services Fund $12,678.73
Faculty Memorial Endowment $10,035.77
Faculty Fund for Financial Aid $26,441.11
Picture This – Financial Aid UR $1,863,923.65
Picture This – Eden Hall Fund UR $92,312.12
Picture This – Endowed Chairs UR $3,755,943.22
Picture This – Global Education UR $2,890,687.12
Picture This – Faculty Professional Development UR $2,665,093.79
Picture This – Student Support UR $743,506.26
Lucy K. Schoonmaker Aunt Lute Fund $183,198.76
Susan Shelton Houghtaling Scholarship Fund $51,551.31
Albert & Bertha Sector Speakers Fund TR $77,004.70
Sculley Sabbatical TR $137,180.73
Clark Faculty Chair TR $285,181.70
Clifford Nichols Jr. Faculty Fund PR $121,964.42
Edward E. Ford Foundation PR $228,038.49
Patricia S. Rose Professional Development Fund for Teachers of English PR $60,167.20
Wm. Gregg Hansen Memorial Scholarship Fund PR $329,126.52
Picture This – McAdams Scholarship Fund PR $930,056.40
Picture This – Faculty Professional Development PR $250,400.60
Picture This – Geller Family Educational Speakers Fund PR $104,730.49
Picture This – Endowed Chairs – PR $1,369,459.80
Picture This – Geller Family CATCH Fund – PR $123,719.73
Summerbridge Pittsburgh $596,907.69