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The Creative One

Happiest when drawing or playing kickball.

Always says “good game” to the other team.

Photo: Severin, The Creative One
Text: Bright One

Bright One

Camila & Sofia

The Playful Ones

One holds the Grade 3 pull-up record.

The other concocts her own science experiments.

Photo: Camila & Sofia, The Playful Ones
Photo: Quiet One

Quiet One


The Curious One

Helps his teacher clean up the classroom every day.

Loves Geronimo Stilton books.

Photo: Sebastian, The Curious One

Bright One

Photo: Energetic One

Energetic One

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Photo: Brooke’s Experience

Brooke’s Experience

I love attending Sewickley Academy. Everyone here is extremely friendly and respectful, and all of the teachers have high expectations for us in class. I’ve also bonded with other girls outside of class through Girl Scouts, and I was able to join band and play clarinet even though I had no experience. Everyone gets a chance to try fun, new things!

Icon Image: Responsive Classroom

The Lower School faculty uses the renowned Responsive Classroom approach to teaching, which emphasizes interactive lessons, meaningful choices, high expectations, critical thinking, and creativity.

Icon Image: Robots and Apps

Starting in Grade 1, our students learn programming using MIT’s Bee-Bot robots and Scratch Jr. iPad app.

Photo: Dania Paul, Grade 4 Teacher

Dania Paul, Grade 4 Teacher

I come from a long line of teachers, and strongly believe every child has a unique gift to share. Getting them to show it as individuals takes time, patience, and understanding. Sewickley Academy greatly values this individuality in teachers and students alike, so I get to be “me” while figuring out how to engage students and foster growth to help them find themselves in their education as well. The energy and enthusiasm of students at this school is what I love most.

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By the Numbers


Student-to-teacher ratio


Pre-K through Grade 12 students on a single 16-acre campus


Percent of students are of Asian, Indian, or African-American descent


Average class size

Photo: Abby Larsen, Class of 2010

Abby Larsen, Class of 2010

I transferred to Sewickley Academy in ninth grade, so I had a unique perspective of a childhood spent in different schools before coming to the Academy. Having a more rigorous, challenging educational path was so valuable to me, and pushed me to be the best I could be. I’m jealous of those who were able to spend their whole education at SA, but so thankful I made it there eventually!

  • Photo: Students at the Sewickley Academy
  • Photo: Students at the Sewickley Academy
  • Photo: Students at the Sewickley Academy

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